Grammar Posters - FREEBIE

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Included in this package are posters for the 8 parts of speech. These posters can be used as bulletin board for a grammar wall. As the parts of speech are taught, words can be added underneath each poster. Students can use this as a reference throughout the year. There is also a poster addressing the CCSS for English Language Development.

Short A Phonics Center - FREEBIE

April 22, 2013

This is my first TPT product created for short A phonics centers. This is preview of what my other packages will include. My other packages will include more activities. 

Daily phonics instruction is extremely important in the primary grades and a necessity in order for students to become successful readers and writers. Here are just a few fun activities to help students practice the learned skill of the short vowel A.

Included in this package: match up game, roll the dice writing, short A board game, fluency passages, word work worksheets to use with magnetic letters, mixed up sentences.

Chevron Whole Brain Class Rules - FREEBIE

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This package includes the 5 Whole Brain Rules as posters along with the strategies used for whole brain - Mirror, Switch, Hands and Eyes, Class? Yes!

Colorful Voice Levels Poster Set - FREEBIE

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This package includes posters for classroom use that describe the appropriate voice levels in class. Levels 0 to 4

Voice Levels
0 - Silent
1 - Whisper
2 - Partners
3 - Strong Speaker
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Primary Writing Checklist - FREEBIE

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Poster for students to refer to when writing. Used as a reminder for correct capitalization and punctuation.


Sentence Writing Posters - FREEBIES

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This package includes steps for writing sentences to help remind students of what a sentence needs.

Step 1 - Name Who or What
Step 2 - Name the action
Step 3 - Name the expander - where, when, how
Step 4 - Add detail
Step 5 - Start with a capital and end with a stop signAdd News Story here

Score Your Writing Poster Set - FREEBIE

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This package includes a poster set for a writing board for students to use as a rubric when writing. The posters use a rubric scoring guide of 1 to 4 - 1 being the lowest score and 4 being the highest score.



Chalkboard ABC Cards - FREEBIE

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This package includes a full chalkboard ABC poster set.



Chalkboard Math Bin Labels - FREEBIE

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Chalkboard labels that can used for math bins/tubs to help with classroom organization.


Chalkboard Ten Frame Posters - FREEBIE

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This package includes chalkboard ten frame posters from 1 to 20.


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