How to Make Crate Seats For Your Classroom

The school year is quickly approaching and I'm getting excited prepping my room for a fun filled year! I really wanted to make crate seats for my class after I saw a fellow collegue make them for her classroom. I thought it would be a great to use during Literacy Centers/Daily Five providing extra seating and storage space.

Materials Needed:

- Crates - Target $2.99 each

- 4x8 Plywood - Home Depot $18.35

( I brought my crate and asked an employee to cut the plywood to fit the crate and then I rounded the corners with sandpaper at home )

- Staple Gun - Home Depot $8.97

- 1/2 inch Batting Foam - Joann's $11.99 per yard

- Chevron Fabric - Joann's $6.99 per yard

- Fabric Spray Adhesive $9.99

- Ribbon - Joann's $3.49 for 3 yards

( I used the ribbon to make loops so students can pull the tops off and grab learning materials for that center)

Below are the steps to follow for making your crate seats. Enjoy!

- Cut the plywood down to fit the tops of crates (don't forget to bring a crate with you to Home Depot so they can measure it)

- Cut the batting foam to fit the plywood squares

- Spray the fabric adhesive to the batting foam and place on the plywood

- Cut the fabric larger than the square so it will cover the seat top

- Staple the fabric to the back of the seat top

- Cut the ribbon to make a small loop for one side of the seat top

- Staple the ribbon to the back of the seat top

- Place seat tops on the crates

- Tada! You've made you crate seats and are ready to use them in your class


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